Activities on the Farm

Morning Animals Chores - If you are interested in participating in the farm animal chores ask Todd or Suzy what time they will begin.  Chore times and chore activities change depending on the time of year. Chores may include (depending on time of year) feeding all of the animals, milking the sheep, putting the sheep out to pasture, walking the goats on a leash out to their pasture, and collecting chicken eggs.

Take a Walk - “Rocky’s Road” is our dog Rocky’s favorite morning walk. This path will take you around our vegetable field, as well as around our sheep pasture.  Enjoy the tranquility on this 20 minute (about 1/2 mile) walk around the farm. Please be aware that the sheep fence is electric.  Please do not touch it.

Lawn Games - Out in the grassy area (during the warm months) you can enjoy playing games including cornhole, horseshoes, and ladder toss.

Visit with the Farm Animals - If you are not interested in participating in farm chores, you are also welcome to go visit with the farm animals at any time during the day.  Please remember not to feed the animals or enter any animal pens without permission from a farmer.

Winter Sledding - On a snowy winter day, step right outside of your cabin and start sledding down the hill.  If you forgot your sleds, ask Todd or Suzy.  They usually have a sled or two hanging around.

Visit our Farm Stand (coming this summer)- We have a little farm stand set up in our Event Barn.  The farm stand is on the honor system and either checks or cash is accepted.  We have fresh eggs, our produce and dairy products (availability and variety is dependent on the season).  We also have our neighbor’s maple syrup and granola for sale, as well as, Fat Sheep Farm merchandise on display.  If you are interested in purchasing any of our merchandise please contact Suzy or Todd.

Stargazing and Fireflies - On a clear night the stars are pretty amazing any time of year.  Take a minute to go outside and enjoy the quiet night sky.  In June and July (depending on the year), as well as the stars, you can enjoy watching the fireflies dancing around in the fields at night.

Campfire - Enjoy sitting around the fire pit at night roasting s’mores. Todd and Suzy always enjoy having a fire.  If you are interested in having a fire one night ask Todd or Suzy.  They will either give you what you need to start a fire or help you get it started depending on their schedules.  If they are free they will usually come and join you around the fire, as well.

Tours and Workshops

Todd and Suzy are very busy during the summer months and will try their best to accommodate all requests but will not always be able to schedule a workshop last minute.  If you are interested in scheduling a workshop, please contact Todd and Suzy, by phone or email, as early as possible.

Cheesemaking Making

If you are interested in learning to make cheese and you would like to attend a cheesemaking workshop, Todd or Suzy can schedule one for you.  You will get a hands-on cheesemaking experience, as well as have a taste of the sheep’s milk cheeses we have available at the time.  The workshops will last, at least, several hours (depending on the cheese or cheeses we will be making). Cheesemaking workshops available from June through September.

Sourdough Bread Baking

Suzy offers sourdough bread making workshops year round.  In the workshop, you will learn the basics on how to work with sourdough. During the workshop, you will make your own dough, learn how to shape your dough and learn the baking process involved in baking the perfect loaf of sourdough bread.  If you are interested, you may also take bread dough back to your cabin, to bake a second loaf the following morning. You will also have the opportunity to take home some of Suzy’s sourdough starter so that you can make your own loaves at home.  The Sourdough Workshop costs $90 for one person, $100 for two people and $50 for each additional person. There is a limit of 4 people total per workshop. Workshops last about 2.5 hours. The workshop includes a loaf (or two) of bread and the sourdough starter.  You will also receive an easy to make sourdough recipe and Suzy’s lifelong support with your baking.  Suzy needs, at least, 48 hours notice to prepare for a workshop.  Please contact Suzy way ahead of time if you are interested in scheduling a workshop.