Running a farm is a full-time job and then some.  We don't always have time to prepare delicious food.  But when we do, we love challenging ourselves with a new ferment, sourdough recipe, baked good, main dish or fresh cheese.  We love to share our food with visitors to the farm when we do have time to make something new.  Stay tuned for recipes.

Homemade Rustic loaves

Butternut squash tart

Pickled Radishes

Half sour pickles

homemade kimchi

traditional sourdough loaves

traditional sourdough loaves

Homemade butter

farm fresh eggs

fresh paneer cheese

pumpkin chocolate chip scones

butternut squash and dried cherry sourdough

butternut squash and dried cherry sourdough

sourdough starter

hearty farm breakfast

cuajada - a nicaraguan fresh farmer's cheese

popcorn grown on the farm

bite-sized apple pies

vegan pumpkin pie

cranberry walnut sourdough