As much as we care about what we eat, we also care about what our animals eat.  All of our animals are on pasture for as much of the year as possible.  We supplement their diets, when needed, with hay and certified organic feeds from Green Mountain Feeds.  All of their feed is Non-GMO.  

The Sheep

Suzy always wanted a Jersey cow, with the hopes of learning to make homemade yogurt and cheese from her milk.  Todd always loved sheep's milk cheese.  One day Todd had Suzy taste some sheep's milk yogurt and that was the moment that the "fat sheep" from Fat Sheep Farm entered the picture.  The yogurt was AMAZING! From then on, Suzy was convinced that sheep's milk was as good, if not better than Jersey milk.  Unknowingly, Suzy also loved sheep's milk cheese as well.  Manchego cheese had always been one of her favorite cheeses and she never knew it was made from sheep's milk.  

The sheep are East Friesian crosses.  East Friesians are a milking breed crossed with other sheep breeds to improve the milk production of those other breeds.  Sheep produce the creamiest milk with more fat and protein than cow and goat's milk.  This makes the cheese and yogurt made from sheep's milk absolutely delicious!

Beginning in the fall of 2017, the sheep will begin a breeding program. In the spring of 2018, the hope is to start making sheep's milk yogurt and experimenting with various sheep cheese recipes. Guests will be able to learn about milking sheep and processing their milk.

There is also one Shetland sheep named "Mr. Socks". Shetlands produce beautiful wool.  Mr. Socks' job is to keep our East Fresian ram company when he is not allowed to mingle with the ewes. Sheep are very social animals and always need to have a friend to keep them company.  

The Chickens

The chickens are spoiled! There is really no other way of putting it.  During the warm months the chickens live in their "summer home" on wheels.  Every week, we push them to a new pasture with fresh grass and insects to hunt.  The fresh pasture and protein from the insects makes their eggs really stand out from most store bought eggs.  The chickens also get to enjoy some of our fresh produce when we have an abundance.  Guests of the farm will have the opportunity to collect their own eggs from the chickens to cook a delicious breakfast.  If you choose, you can also have a basket of fresh eggs waiting for you in your cabin when you arrive.

The Goats

There are three Nigerian Dwarf goats on the farm.  Although Nigerian Dwarf goats also produce excellent milk, these goats are all males. They are always up for having some fun and love meeting new visitors.  They also make great lawnmowers!