Suzy and Todd searched all over New England looking for the perfect property for their farm and cabin business.  In 2016, they spent every weekend traveling to Maine, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.  One weekend they traveled to Vermont to go to a friend's wedding, and, of course, stopped and looked at some more real estate listings on the way.  Although they had each lived in the Burlington area some time ago, this was their first time driving through central Vermont together.  They both had fond memories of the area.  Suzy went to summer camp close by as a child, and Todd participated numerous times in the Covered Bridges Half Marathon.  

After that visit, they began to focus their search on central Vermont.  The first time they visited the farm on Best Road, Todd saw a property which would need too much work to "work," but Suzy was in love!  Suzy thought the land had a fascinating history, beauty, and so much potential.  It was perfect! Needless to say, in a few months, the farm was theirs and they were putting their plan into action.  Once they moved in, they didn't waste a minute getting started.  In their first few months, they begin clearing out land for pasture, plowing fields, creating the crop plan, building deer fences and sheep pasture fences, renovating the old pole barn, putting up solar panels, and deciding on the final plans of the cabins.  Suzy and Todd are so grateful for their new home, and all the support and help they have enjoyed in bringing their dream to life.  They look forward to what the future brings.