Todd and Suzy were a little late to find each other but are making up for lost time.  After years of living in places as far flung as Spain, Japan, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Arkansas, Texas, California, and all over the Northeast, their paths crossed digitally on -- yes,  

Suzy was an elementary school teacher when they met but she had always loved animals.  She had previously worked as a zookeeper, a Peace Corps volunteer in the Agricultural sector and had been on the equestrian team at the University of Vermont. She had dreamed of living on a farm her whole life.  Todd had quit his job as a lawyer and had been working on various farms in Vermont and Massachusetts trying to learn enough to start his own operation. Todd captured Suzy's heart with regular farm fresh produce, particularly delicata squash, husk cherries, curly green kale, and eggs from pasture raised chickens.  And Suzy turned that food into fabulous meals for both of them.  

Given they both love food, farms, and travel, it didn't take long for them to figure out how their dream lives could merge and Fat Sheep Farm & Cabins was born.  They hope to take the best of their travel and farm experiences and share that with all the visitors to the farm.  

You can read more about our journey and see pictures from along the way at our Facebook page.


In April 2017, Autumn Laurel joined our little Fat Sheep Farm family.  Some of her first words were "Baaaaa" and "Mooooo" and “Apple” (the name of one of our lambs). She loves being outside and loves “working”.  Her favorite vegetables to harvest are potatoes and husk cherries.  We are so excited to watch our little girl grow up as a little farm girl, getting her hands dirty each and every day.