Cancellations Or Changes: Any change or cancellation to the reservation must be made more than 14 days prior to arrival and will incur a $25/night change fee. Changes or cancellations made within 14 days of the reservation and more than 2 days before the reservation shall result in a forfeiture of the deposit. Changes or cancellations within two days of the reservation shall result in a forfeiture of the entire cost of the reservation, including tax.

Weekends and Holidays: We require a two night minimum on most weekends. On holiday weekends including Memorial Day Weekend, Dartmouth Graduation Weekend, VT100 Race Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, Columbus Day Weekend, and Thanksgiving we require a three night minimum stay.

No SmokingSmoking is not permitted on the property.  Anyone who smokes within any cabin will be charged a minimum of a $500 cleaning fee, in addition to the full amount of any lost revenue from any subsequent reservation that is cancelled by either Fat Sheep Farm & Cabins LLC or a guest as a result of the smoking. Fat Sheep Farm & Cabins LLC has full  discretion to determine if the cancellation is warranted because of any smoking that occurred in the cabin.  

If you spill something, say something! Renters agree to inform Fat Sheep Farm & Cabins LLC of any stains or damage to the property during their stay. If you spill something, we’d be happy to come and clean it.  We have some good tricks for removing stains.  Please do not leave stains on things without telling us, especially on sheets.  If we wash sheets with a stain, it makes it very hard to remove afterwards.  Most stains can be removed if we find out about them right away.

Damage to the Property: Other than “normal wear and tear,” if a renter causes any damage to any property that necessitates repairs, replacement, or extensive cleaning, Renter understands and agrees Renter’s credit card will be charged to cover the expenses. At this property, stained towels, bedding, and furniture covers are not considered normal wear and tear and Renter agrees to be responsible for the cost of replacing damaged towels, bedding, and furniture covers. Renter agrees that Fat Sheep Farm & Cabins has full discretion to determine whether any damage is "normal wear and tear" and whether, and the extent to which, any repair, replacement, or extensive cleaning is required. 

Dogs: Dogs must not have a history of aggressive behavior and be leashed at all times for their own protection and the protection of our animals and guests. Any damage caused by any pet in the cabins or elsewhere is the Renter’s responsibility and Renter understands and agrees that Renter’s credit card will be charged to cover the expenses associated with any damage. If you cannot keep your dog off the furniture, please cover it with sheets (ask us for some if you need them) to keep our furniture as clean as possible during your stay. Dog bowls are provided under the kitchen sink.  Please do not use human bowls for pets. Dogs are only allowed in the Sunrise, Ascutney, and Lull Brook cabins. All dogs must be part of the reservation. Additional dogs beyond those in the reservation will result in extra charges.

Caution and Child Supervision: Renter must supervise any children in their party at all times. The property is a working farm with electric fences, machinery, sharp tools, livestock, and other items not present at a typical lodging facility.  Renter is responsible for ensuring his or her own safety, and the safety of any children in the rental party, and assumes all risks associated with staying on the farm.

No Feeding the LivestockYou may not feed the livestock without permission of Fat Sheep Farm & Cabins LLC.  Our animals eat specific foods in specific amounts in order to maintain their health.  Please do not feed any animals without checking with us first.

No Open Flames: No candles or any other open flames are allowed in the buildings.

ParkingParking must be in the designated parking area.  Do not drive on the paths that lead to the cabins.  If you need help getting your luggage into the cabin, just ask.

Visitors: All persons sleeping in the cabins must be part of the reservation. Additional guests may result in extra person charges.

Farm Food: Renter is responsible for properly cleaning and preparing any farm food, including eggs, produce, or dairy product.  Renter assumes all risk in connection with the consumption of any farm food.

ValuablesRenter is fully responsible for all valuables on the property, including but not limited to valuables in the cabins or in a vehicle.

Renter responsible for entire partyThe Renter who enters into this agreement represents that he/she has the authority to enter into this agreement on behalf of the entire rental party and is responsible for ensuring that all members of his or her party comply with the above rules and policies.   

Fat Sheep Farm & Cabins LLC is Solely Responsible For Conditions on the Property: Renter understands that Fat Sheep Farm & Cabins LLC rents the property from Hartland Property LLC and that Fat Sheep Farm & Cabins LLC is solely responsible for the conditions on the property and the guest experience.  Renter understands and agrees that Hartland Property LLC has no contractual relationship or other obligations to renter and renter waives any and all claims it may have against Hartland Property LLC to the maximum extent permitted by Vermont law.

Vermont Law: Renter understands and agrees Vermont law governs this rental agreement and that any claim or cause of action concerning this agreement or the subject matter herein may only be asserted in a court located in Vermont.