The cabins were designed not just to create comfortable and relaxing spaces, but also to take advantage of the latest technologies to keep our environmental footprint to a minimum. The buildings are certified by Efficiency Vermont to ensure that they comply with Vermont's more stringent "stretch code," which sets heightened residential energy standards for increased energy savings. Rather than burning a traditional fossil fuel like oil or propane, the cabins are heated without combustion by highly efficient 12,000 BTU heat pumps. These pumps work by capturing heat from the outside air and moving it indoors.  In the summer, the mechanism can be reversed and they serve as air conditioners. To further limit our electricity use, the cabins have been outfitted with energy star appliances and LED lighting fixtures where available.  And in an effort to make the electricity we use as clean as possible, we have installed a 17.28 kilowatt solar array on our livestock barn to generate, we hope, enough electricity to cover the amount we use in the cabins, if not more.